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Duct Lift Hire

Lift Heights

Standard forks – up:        6.1 meters

Standard forks – down:   5.5 meters

Height – Stowed:             1.8 meters

Length – Stowed:            78 cm

Width – Stowed:              76 cm

Forks: 76 cm (length) x  58 cm (width – outside)

Weight: 106 kilograms

Load Capacity:

  • 35   cm load center:          408 kg

  • 60   cm load center:          340 kg

  • 106 cm load center:          158 kg

Material Hoist Hire

+GST Per Day
+GST Weekend*

Looking for material hoist or duct lift hire? Choose Rural Equipment Hire. Our material hoist, also known as a duct lift, is the ideal solution for lifting heavy loads with ease. With a maximum height of 6 meters and a robust weight capacity of 158 kilograms, it ensures efficient and safe lifting operations. Trust Rural Equipment Hire for reliable material hoist and duct lift rentals that meet your needs and provide superior lifting capabilities.

*Weekend Rate: Pick up or delivery after 3pm Friday with return before 9am the following Monday. Contact staff regarding long weekend rates.

Delivery is available for all tools and equipment. 

Flat delivery fee of $25 plus $2 per kilometer outside of Alexandra.

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